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Antlr Java Syntax

This is the full Java 1.5 (Generics and Annotations included) syntax for ANTLR 2.7.x which will generate C++ code. The versions on the ANTLR website and grammar index all generate Java code.

Using this syntax file allows you to create a Parser and Lexer for the Java language in C++.

The syntax was released in public domain, so I re-release my version in the public domain as well.

Please note, in this version (as found by Keffin) parameritized parameters and variable length parameters (TRIPLE_DOT) are broken. I am in the process of migrating to Antrl v3, so expect a new updated version soon where I will fix these errors. Hopefully I will have time to update the current syntax to parse the parameters correctly so it is usable.

Available versions: